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Fairy-tale games and creative workshops.

From 10/07 to 12/07
Lots of laughter, fairy-tale curiosities and opportunities to play together await the youngest who will visit our Shopping Centre next Saturday, July 10th!

During the first meeting in the „Letnia akademia bajek i gier” you will be able to take part in quizzes, solve puzzles and find out which of the fairy-tale superheroes we are the most like!

During the Saturday meeting, the youngest will also be able to take part in creative workshops, during which they will create the attributes of fairy-tale heroes - colourful crowns, magic wands and balloon swords. Children will have at their disposal all the art materials needed to make fairy-tale objects. The works can then be taken home and used during fun games with siblings or friends.

Fairy-tale animations for children will be available in the passage of our Shopping Centre on Saturday, July 10th from 12.00 to 18.00. Free entrance.

One more meeting will be held at the Auchan Produkcyjna Summer „Letnia akademia bajek i gier”. On July 24th, the children will move into the world of playground games that their parents and grandparents knew very well.

We invite you to come!