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We are giving away Easter gifts!

From 20/03 to 31/03
You will feel even more spring joy with us and prepare with us for Easter.

Check the offer of stores in our Shopping Centre and do Christmas shopping. Keep the receipts as they can give you an Easter gift!

For our customers there are baskets for Easter, lambs, sets of colourful Easter eggs, decorative napkins and many other Christmas decorations.

How to get one of the rewards? It's easy! Make purchases in shops and service points of our Shopping Centre for the amount of min. 100PLN and keep the receipts. At a special point, you can exchange them for one of the Christmas gifts.

The point for dispensing Easter gifts will be open on Saturday, March 20th from 11:00 to 19:00 or while stocks last. Receipts for purchases in shops and service points of the Shopping Centre can be combined. You cannot use receipts for purchases in the Auchan hypermarket in the campaign.

We invite you for shopping!