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С 24/07 По 31/07
Summer is the time of holiday trips outside the city or weekend picnics. It is worth remembering the old backyard games that will make the time spent together pleasant!

During the meeting, which will take place next Saturday in our Shopping Centre, the youngest will be able to learn about the games and games that their parents remember from childhood. A lot of joy will be generated by arcade games, among which there will be, among others hopscotch dominating the backyards, colourful obstacle course or jumping rope. A competition in hula-hop shooting, which requires flexibility, reflexes, and the right technique, will be a real challenge for young athletes. There are gifts waiting for the little participants.
During their parents' playtime, children will also be able to move to the art corner during classes. Under the supervision of instructors, the youngest will make paper airplanes and the popular heaven-hell toy.

Backyard games as part of „Letnia akademia bajek i gier” will take place on July 24th in the passage of our Shopping Centre. It will be possible to take part in the classes from 12.00 to 18.00. Free entrance.

We invite you to have fun together!