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Welcome school with us


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Welcome the new school year with a smile! Children who will visit our Shopping Centre on Saturday, August 26th with their parents will find out.

You will be able to take part in creative workshops and get a school starter kit in Akcja Bonus. The event will start at 10.00 and will last until 16.00.


During family creative workshops, you will be able to decorate material pencil cases according to your own idea and then take them home. Two types of pencil cases will be waiting for the creators – plain ones or with the contours of fairy-tale characters or animals, as well as colourful felt-tip pens and glitter felt-tip pens. Each student’s self-decorated kit will hold school writing supplies and will be perfect for everyday learning. Participation in the class is free.


The end of August is the last call to complete the school layette. On this occasion, we invite you to participate in a special edition of our loyalty program entitled “Akcja Bonus”.

On Saturday, August 26th, points accumulated under the program can be exchanged for practical prizes that will please every student.

  •      BAMBINO SCHOOL MINI STARTER KIT, i.e. a set containing paints, brushes, crayons, scissors, glue and plasticine, will be available for 100 points in Akcja Bonus.
  •      BAMBINO LARGE SCHOOL MINI STARTER KIT, a set of 22 basic school supplies, including: blocks, paints, brushes, crayons, scissors, glue, pencils, pens, plasticine and geometric tools, will be available for 200 points in Akcja Bonus.

Prizes can be collected at a special Akcja Bonus point in the passage of our Shopping Centre, which will be open on Saturday, August 26th from 10.00 to 16.00.

The rules of participation in “Akcja Bonus” loyalty program and practical tips can be found on our website at the link https://auchanprodukcyjna.pl/pl/akcja-bonus

We invite you to joint school preparations!