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Examine your breasts. Come for a mammogram!

from 27.03 to 27.03

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Take a moment to take care of what is most valuable – your health. We invite women to participate in mammography examinations.

Mammography examinations can be performed in a professional mammobus in front of our shopping mall on Wednesday, March 27th , from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To take advantage of the test conveniently and not have to wait in line, it is worth signing up for it by calling 42 254 64 17. For registration, you must have your PESEL number ready.

Free mammography tests are available to women aged 45 to 74 who have not had any tests performed in the last 2 years.

Other women will also be able to take advantage of the test, but it will cost PLN 100.

When reporting for an examination, the patient should have her ID card and the results of a previous breast examination, if any. This test does not require any additional preparation. It is best to come in two-piece clothing so that you can easily undress from the waist up.

The examination will take less than a quarter of an hour and involves taking 4 projections (two for each breast). They will be performed by radiologists from the Medica Medical Centre in the mammobus in front of our shopping mall.

The photos will be sent to the clinic, where a specialist doctor will prepare a description. The patient will receive information about the result by text message or e-mail. If a disturbing change is detected, the patient will receive a description by registered mail, a referral for further tests and advice on what steps to take to start treatment.

Mammography is an effective method of early detection of breast cancer. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the greater the chances of full recovery! Therefore, it is not worth delaying this examination.