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Yoga for children and creative workshops


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Practicing yoga strengthens your muscles and makes them more flexible, and helps you calm down and concentrate. These are important benefits also for children who spend a lot of time sitting every day and have to learn to live in a world filled with various stimuli that make it difficult to concentrate.

On Saturday, July 22nd, we invite you to a free yoga workshop for children. Every full hour, from 12.00 until 18.00, the youngest will take part in classes conducted by a yoga trainer. While playing, children will perform exercises that will help them strengthen their bodies, as well as develop concentration and attention. The classes are free and you do not need to sign up for them in advance.

While waiting for yoga classes, children will be able to take part in creative workshops. Small participants, under the supervision of animators, will make decorations in the boho style, which refers to distant cultures and countries. There will be bracelets made of beads, paper mandalas or popular dream catchers. It will also be possible to paint the stones in fancy colours and thus create an interesting holiday room decoration.

We invite you to join the holiday fun!